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Tip Quilter is a memorable speaker is one who connects who you are with what you most desire. Business success is fundamentally driven by value – what you and your team is worth to the available market. You are in a pitched battle every day for a share of your target market’s wallet.

What is your business worth? Says who? What is it like to use one of your products or to be on the receiving end of service delivery with your company?

Outstanding companies are fanatical about discipline and execution. Great leaders are focused on both task and relationship. Creativity is driven by harnessing individual and collective contribution to move things forward. Each requires purpose, intention, and focused action.

Are the results you’re getting worthy of your effort and sacrifice? Why or why not?

“We all know that change is hard, but we don’t know enough about why it is so hard and what we can do about it.”

 — Robert Kegan, Creator of Immunity to Change


Topics Include:

  • Are You Running Your Business, Or Is Your Business Running You?
  • Driven By Desire: The Promise of Leadership
  • Creativity & Innovation: The Only Way to Grow
  • Intrinsic Motivation: Core Values Index Workshop
  • The Way of Doing: Kolbe Team Dynamics
  • Feedback: Powerful Tool or Power Trip?


Tip Quilter is passionate about traction, teamwork and innovation. Contact him to discuss your organization’s challenges and opportunities. This can be for a privately-held company team, an association, non-profit or industry group. There is likely a hybrid of different content Tip can deliver to capture your audience’s imagination and sense of possibility. He has spoken to groups as small as 10, all the way up to 500.

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