Leadership is about making effective decisions.  Correct decisions, bad decisions – the most important factor is to decide, because you can learn from a bad decision.  Not making a decision is a decision.  The best leaders work intentionally, just as the best leadership teams are able to unify around a common goal.  But our blind spots get the best of us and crush our confidence.

People Issues

Are you getting enough out of your people & are they working as a team?

Lack of Control

Do you own your business or does your business own you?

Not Enough Profit

Are you getting the rewards for the time & effort invested into the business?

No Growth

Have you hit a ceiling & wondering how to break through to grow?

Loss of Direction

Are your team focused on the vision of the company and how you will get there?

Nothing’s Working

What ever you try, nothing gets you traction.

“Leaders bring the weather”

Bill AdamsCo-Creator, Leadership System



Leadership often fails because leaders don’t know what they want, or communicate different priorities. This leads to a lot of conflict and drama within teams. Most of these errors are because of blind spots – the things everyone else knows about us, but we don’t know about ourselves. This comes from a desire to have something, so we can do something and then be somebody. Whether it is conscious or unconscious does not matter. It is a reactive style, reacting to the circumstances around us rather that creating life on our own terms.